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Atlanta based operative since 1998, with its connection to non profit organizations helping build EDA.

TOYZ N DA HOOD 17 community partnerships with community 501 C3. We build brands in community within all households with our connection piece In the marketplace. Our home base started several years ago based in giving to all Atlanta Housing Authorities, Community Recreational Centers, and Churches. Our network has now allowed us to be able to support families in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Columbia, SC, Anchorage, AK, Little Rock, Birmingham, Phoenix, Columbus, Montgomery, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Valdosta and Jacksonville. 

The Mission of TNDH17 is to provide support and assist families who are facing “dire” economic needs during the Christmas holiday season, by providing toys, gifts, feedings and holiday cheer to these families. This year participants will also enjoy special opportunities- fashion, tech, film casting, celebrity appearances, tickets, events allocated for youth, and merchandise boosters.

This platform was designed to initiate the message of “Giving Back” to students/ youth who share with those receiving within their peer demographic. 

We allocate different standard processes in finding those with needs, applying delegation for support, critical thinking and obtaining their goals within task. 

TOYZ N DA HOOD [TNDH] has been able to bless so many communities with the likes of celebrities who also support the initiative: such as Chris Brown, Jeezy, Ciara, 2 Chainz, French Montana Soulja Boy, Future, Akon, Outkast, Polow Da Don, Wale, Nipsey Hussle Waka Flaka, Gucci Mane, Keri Hilson, Joe Moses, Ruben Studdard, Greg Street, Jermaine Dupri, Demetria McKinney and more.

2017 we are dedicating our time within Schools, Community Centers to Tribute to the Awareness being an “Example” of giving back “Youth Giving To Youth”.            Our second theme is putting the “NEIGHBOR”back in the “HOOD”.  ToyzNDaHood Compilation Vol.1 and Vol.2 will have vast impressions in over 28 markets. We will Also spotlight all products and initiatives for all events.

[Talent and Brands pay for Slots and Signage attachment]

This Release will engage all youth with the “light bulb” enlightening those paths, watching favorite celebrities, corporate brands, and some of the hottest talent “Give Back” within lower income neighborhoods. “Brand Based Recap Content” about the importance to build our economic stability with our future, the “YOUTH”, sustains our overall picture to succeed within “Time and Space”.


has touched the lives of over 227,000 kids with “TOYZ N DA HOOD”. 18 Years our community partnership and youth have been engaged in collecting over 384,000 gifts for Christmas.

Our true goal is collecting and distribution of $2,000 gifts per market by 2020 within one year.




 ANNUAL TNDH 17 Launch and Mission Event- NU YORK




Find Location- Wrapping Boxes, Dropping Boxes and colleciting Christmas Locations




Conference Call- Dropping Boxes and collecting Christmas Locations Market Commitments – Grab a Tag Initiative


 Team Assessment – Tees, Hoodies, Posters


Posting and Promotions for TNDH17 Compilation – Social Mobility Hash tags Sending Out Promotional Material


  Team Assessment


ToyznDaHood – Family Sign Up -Brown Middle School Stem Tour


  Close out Schools Giving to Schools

 Nov 17-19

Booster – Youth Receive Community Service Hours:




Nov23Nov 25thNov 26 Black Friday – TNDH17 POP UP INITIATIVEConference Call – Delivery Locations and Events Finalized for Dec2017 Los Angeles – DJ Ever Ready – Event Collection
Nov 31 – Dec 11 – TNDH17 Tour and Collection – High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary –
Community Centers and Wal Mart-21 schools
Nov. 28th – B-BALL and CHRISTMAS – Half Time Show -Toy Collection Awareness – Stone Mtn HSS
Nov. 30th Atlanta MGHS – TNDH partnership with “Entrepreneurial Experience” over 1300 Students
Dec 2nd – Atlanta - Official Christmas Parade and Awareness Kick Off – Join us for the PARADE!
Dec 3rd – Los AngelesToyToRemember Toy Donation Partnership Event
Dec. 4th – Valdosta, Ga – Kick Off For Collection for SBA – In Community
Dec 5th 0 Los Angeles – Alchmey Lounge – Toy Collection
Dec 8th – Los Angeles -  The Globe Joe Moses and Friends – TRAP LA
Dec 8th – Savannah – SIMply APPly Mobile POP UP – Private Activation
Dec 9th – San Antonio Texas – USA DJS Collection and Toys Event
Dec 12th – Columbus, Ga - B BALL GAME – Kick Off -Classic HS GAME!

Dec 15th – Atlanta – Thomasville Community – School and Stem Santa – PT II – Delivery Community Center

Dec 15th – Sleep Over Christmas LOCK IN - Salvation Army  Boys N Girls Club – WRAP PARTY WITH TEENS and Assessment 11:00pm

Dec 16th, – Atlanta – Columbus – SURPRISE!

Dec 16th – Killeen Texas – USA DJS – Collection and Toys Event

Dec 17th – MyDjsDope Soft Launch – TAPE WORM- Get your IPHONE6 repaired for $45  2pm – 4pm 

Dec 18th – Atlanta – SMITH OLE BAR – R and B Christmas – Gritz and Jelly Butter Tony Terry and Keith Robinson and More 8p-1a

Dec. 19th -  Birmingham The 8th Annual Christmas Experience w/ NFL  Christmas 

Dec 20th – SOHS - Official Christmas Talent Show - 300 Students

Dec 20th – w. 2 Chainz - For Autism and Medical – Powered by SHIELD MOBILE  Stem Wars MDPays  TNDH2017 

Dec 21 Cleveland, OH – 2nd Annual TNDH Gala and Christmas Event- Nerve Djs

Dec21  -Atlanta – Thomasville Heights Community – 2pm-4pm 

Dec 21 - TAPE WORM – #SCIENCE of MUSIC @ East Atlanta Village 6pm-8pm  – FREE Phone Activation & IPhone 6 Fixed for only $45 and Pre- Release -  SIMply APPly MOBILITY Tech Release! [Food & DJ] THE GRID MIXER

Dec 22nd – DELIVERY, PERFORMANCES Salvation Army -Christmas Festival at Boys N Girls Club  1pm – 3pm

Dec 22   Atlanta - CHRISTMAS FINALE PRIVATE SKATE w. DELTA SKATE PARTY  and CHILDREN IN NEED! 4pm – 6pm Cascade Research & Revitalization

Dec 22nd – Kansas City – Henderson Ent 3rd  Annual Collection and Toy Delivery Event

Dec 23rd – Kansas City  – Henderson Entertainment 3rd Annual Toy Delivery and Event

Dec 23rd – Phoenix – Annual TNDH17 Christmas Community Festival

Dec 23rd – Valdosta - Annual Christmas Toy and Delivery – Big Nick Radio 107.9




Information on the local events in your city.

Please visit Or See Calendar Attachment.


TOYZ N DA HOOD 17  -Volunteers and Sponsors: DEADLINE DEC. 11th- Ready For All Online Social Platforms & Blogs. 


SPONSORSHIP – [3] PICS, PRINT & BRAND SPONSORS – $250.00 – 20,000 Flyers & E Services [Place Your Logo] 

Includes- Brand Logo & Product placement – ALL events- Provides 20 Kids with a TOY! 


Performances: Atlanta – $250.00 Per Performance | $750.00 for  4 Performances on TOUR! 

We will set up performance at Event & Send E Service to Djs! Provides 20 Kids with a TOY! 


TNDH 2017 Compilation SLOTS- Direct Audience – 1,000,000 Eyeballs – Booster Products $250.00 

Compilation – You can place one song per individual, up to 3 songs per Label- After Approval!  Provides 20 Kids with a TOY! 


Local Vendor Tabels - Within marketplace during TNDH Community Events $150.00

Given One Table & Two Chairs- Complimentary -Upgrade Available Geo Capture & Variable Intel for EVENT- 


NOTE:  REQUEST 501 c 3 Partnership for -WRITE OFF PURPOSES.

Volunteers or Sponsors please email:

FOLLOW US: @Toyzndahood17



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