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THIS CHRISTMAS TNDH17 - WE WILL BE GIVING AWAY TO SOME OF OUR YOUTH WITHIN SCHOOLS A TIMELESS GIFT WITH “APPLE“. We are on the search of students within our programming in entrepreneurship. Our partnership with MDPays and Creating Tomorrow Leaders, Cascade Research and Revitalization expanding the mines of our youth to achieve . Students within the US that are participants by creating a testimonial with “GIVING BACK” as a TEEN within our FEEDER TOY GIVEAWAY! We applaud those students that involve themselves in building our FUTURE!

Students that are volunteers or participants must contact their TNDH17 Market Rep within your city for details .

ALL STUDENTS MUST BE LOGGED IN AND REGISTERED with our Entrepreneurship Partnership!

LOG ON: “” 

to participate in the TIMELESS “VOLUNTEER” Community Challenge along with completing 5 Assessments in Entrepreneurship!

Courtesy of GO GETTA ENT. , TAPEWORM, and SIMply APPly MOBILE! 


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