[WINNER] GET YA RENT PAID 4 A YEAR!! “Andrea Jones ”

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Below is Andrea Jones Letter that was wrote after she went through the screening process. This woman and her 6 kids were truly blessed this Christmas Season…Toyz N Da Hood Staff

My name is Andrea Jones and I am hard working mother of 6 children. I first learned about your organization through the events my children have participated in at DESA. My children are huge fans of your organization. I know that you come across many families with extreme situations.My family is included in the number of families struggling just to provide a roof over our heads and food on the table. I am in a situation where I make to much money to get government assistance but not enough to make it without struggling.  In 2013 I experienced eviction for the first time, repossession, depression in my children, and I even experinced struggling to purchase grocery. I have experinced so many hardships this year I find it a miracle that I am still standing.
I have prayed so many prayers for God to deliver my family from this storm. I am trying to stay encouraged and tell myself that, this too, shall pass. My children encouraged me to write a letter about our current situation. I was too discouraged  to write the letter the fist time my kids told me about the program. Today I pushing through my emotions to keep fighting for my children. This month my family is facing possibly being evicted again and the lights and gas are due to be shut off next week. I am runing out of solution at this point. I have taken out pay day loans, reached out to the social worker at, tried to get childsupport to enforce my order, and even searched for a part-time job. I do not know if any of these things are going to work out but I will try anything for my kids.
I know that many people are writing letters similar to my story. How to you decide who needs the help the most? I am not sure how you pick one person over another. I can only pray that my my families struggle will come to a end in 2014. This assistance would offer me financial and emotional peace. I just want to be able to do the simple things that I may have taken for granted in the past.  This assistance will allow me to purchase my children shoes before the old shoes tear up, get my son hair cut,  purchase a winter coat, and basic things of that nature. This assistance will allow me to save money so that I can be in a good place the following year. I appreciate the help of others but I want to get back to place where I can help myself. I want to pay mey bills when they are due. I want to enjoy life without the constant pressure of bills all the time. I just simply want peace for my family the christmas. We have endure long enough I feel like we deserve peace in 2014.
Thanks in advance for your considering my family.
Andrea Jones
Kamari  12, 6th grade
Makayla  10, 5th grade
Zarea  15, 9th grade
Messiah  15, 9th grade
Roshon  11, 6th grade
Adriana  1 grade
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For more information on the story log on www.toyzndahood.com and thank You and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


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