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Elevation as we have connected energy to well over a million people with the TOYZNDAHOOD BRAND. Our Archives on You Tube, and The Internet has given us more momentum to continue greater works for the people within the community and “NEIGHBORHOOD”. We are not the “HOOD” we are the “NEIGHBORHOOD” a “VILLAGE” with a voice, and “EXPOSURE IS EXPRESSION” 

Here is a Brief Recap of our Atlanta Pictures in RAW and RARE FORM… We started back to Ground Zero.ATLANTA where it all begin as an idea in 1 [one] city touching over 26 CITIES TO DATE!! 

Thank you to our TNDH2020 Staff Volunteers, Sponsors…

Thank You to GingerRecords and CheapSanta powered by TheFellowship

Thank you to Indy Market & Steele Spinning for this years TNDH Mixtape Production.

Thank you to Artist & Labels  -CME, Click4Life, DSMD,TheBrandMG,YoungNino, and OG KuDolla -for 0ur 10th Christmas Showcase Collection

Thank you to Salt & Pepa Production and DJ Kris KoldBlooded

Thank You to Dollar General for the new #DollarGeneralStage Xmas Concert Xperience.

Thank You to DAVE for his diligent service and photography for TNDHTV!

CLICK HERE PHOTOS - video-1608864541

CLICK HERE- BTS SANTA COLLECTION - video-1609096031 (1)


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