[RECAP TNDH18] Los Angeles, Calif – “Collection Over 300 Toys”

| December 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

It is amazing each year #ToyzNDaHood 18 Los Angeles is a city with millions and millions of people we see are in need. This is one of the highest homeless population cities in the US. We join each year throughout the year to GIVE BACK to Families in NEED! Our main objective is to give the Message so the Community can build its own mentorship in GIVING! We want to thank our partnerships in the market “TRAP.LA” To Reach All Profits, Ballin 4 Peace, Hicks Foundation Product of Los Angeles, and The GS Sports Bar and Grill for allowing us to COLLECT TOYS and CONCERT to raise over 300¬†Toys for Our Deliveries this year. Mixtape Streams Will DROP Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for your listening Pleasure!!

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