[TNDH Cleveland 17] Big Heff 2nd Annual TNDH for youth [FOX8-Channel News]

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Its a blessing to be able to give back your time and value to others. Cleveland entertainment taste maker  “Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor is the 1 of many hands who gave this Christmas. With the responsibility of Nerve Djs and Def Jam rep within the marketplace- he also gives a lot of his time day in and day out to YOUTH. 

[#TNDH17 NEWS] Good Morning @bigheffmidwestfresh showing “LOVE” to 2nd Annual #Cleveland #toyzndahood event. Since 2004 relationships in music now #STEM through the “Frequency” is now building its pathway of #GenerationalWealth #DefJam #NerveDjs #MyDjsDope #TrapLA #USADjs #HendersonEnt #SIMplyAPPly  #TNDH17.5 #Neverhadish #Q streaming on all platforms.                    1,000 Kids Per Day Initiative “New Market”

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