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Exclusive: HOLIDAY “SIP + DRAW” December 12th, 2021

| September 18, 2021 | 0 Comments
Exclusive: HOLIDAY “SIP + DRAW”  December 12th, 2021

  A HOLIDAY SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE NIGHT… CHRISTMAS, FOOD, and FUN… WELCOME TO “SIP AND DRAW” – Official EVENT to support -  EPILESPY and AUTISM.  An exclusive event, for those who like to SIP + DRAW …. Exclusive event powered by >>>>>>>>>>>>>> DRINK RESPONSIBLE DURING “HOLIDAYS”  

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[FIRES x FIRES] Awareness and Blessings “Ashwood Ridge Apartments”

| December 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

    There was a tragedy this Holiday Season in Clayton County. Ashwood Ridge Apartments caught blaze leaving over 60 families without home and diminishing all of their belongings. Triumphant Properties, BCMG, Doing Good N Da Hood, SIMPly APPLy, and Ixfinity Comcast- put their hands together with some well known R&B Artist for Annual R&B [...]

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[Autism] Chalk WILD Bags 4 Kids This Christmas! #TNDH17

| November 23, 2017 | 0 Comments
[Autism] Chalk WILD Bags 4 Kids This Christmas!  #TNDH17

https://youtu.be/ApPIETzl6Ys   CLICK LINK ABOVE! This Year with our own tribute through the challenges of epilepsy with FIRES AWARENESS. We have a few children close to our TNDH17 brand to build awareness around within the “ARTS”. This talent relies in a strong mother who has taken care of 3 Autistic children- Shamar, Sean, and Asyre [...]

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[TNDH] First Annual “FIRES” Awareness: “Putting Out Fires”

| December 11, 2016 | 0 Comments
[TNDH] First Annual “FIRES” Awareness: “Putting Out Fires”

  Through a process of the worlds greatest diseases, that change the life of any family, in a literal sense. This Christmas we will give out information on FIRES. “Febrile Infected Refractory Epilepsy Syndrome”  When you find yourself in a place where there is nothing you could do,  or say and give anything To save your daughters life. There are [...]

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